SAP’s rich four decade legacy has enabled organizations to run complex enterprise software, enhancing business agility, operational efficiency and improving their growth opportunities.

In recent years, given the pressures on businesses it has been challenging and expensive for customer teams to manage on-premise data centers and deployment.

Deploying SAP solutions on cloud with cloud service providers address this challenge as the business and IT teams can focus on running their businesses and supporting them with SAP software stacks while leaving hardware stacks for the cloud service providers to manage.

Further, running SAP on the cloud offers a cost effective alternative to on-premise environments. In addition, organizations can expect benefits such as stability, reliability, resiliency, scalability and security.

While there are several cloud providers in the market, hosting SAP on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are the predominant cloud services providers that customers choose while moving to the public cloud.

In this article, experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in India, gives out top 5 reasons to choose Google Cloud for your SAP ERP Solutions.

Google Cloud is compliant with the best-in-class international verification standards for Security, Data Privacy and Infrastructure which ensures that your data stored in Google Cloud is always safe. Let’s explore in greater depth.

What are the Benefits of Choosing SAP on GCP?

Get the best out of your SAP ERP Solutions in the cloud by running your SAP workloads on Google Cloud Platform. Here are some of the many benefits of choosing SAP on GCP:
  • Get all the flexibility your business needs, scaling with ease thanks to the flexible services and pricing models
  • Only pay for what you use and scale as your business grows. Plus get visibility on your spend and easily optimize costs
  • Integrate your SAP data with powerful, innovative technologies by Google
  • Access cutting-edge machine learning and analytics solutions to elevate your customer experience and get advanced business insights
  • Your SAP data stays secure at all times in the strongly secured Google Cloud
Leverage your SAP Data in innovative ways while running your SAP applications more reliably, securely and cost-effectively with SAP On Google Cloud. Get SAP certified infrastructure for all your SAP systems.

Choose Google Cloud to power SAP cloud offerings, like SAP Business One and SAP S/4HANA.

Let us take a look at the top 5 reasons for choosing GCP.

Top 5 Reasons of Choosing GCP for SAP

Bring all the critical business systems and applications together seamlessly to a future-proof, secure and low-latency environment and to run them sustainably by deploying SAP Solutions on GCP.

Here are top 5 reasons for deploying SAP ERP Solutions on GCP:

  1. Cost-effective Infrastructure
    • Run an efficient infrastructure with its myriad of automation capabilities
    • Deep expertise in workload optimization
    • Low total-cost-of-ownership with a move to Google Cloud
    • Google’s private fiber network, which provides a global, secure and scalable foundation for your SAP deployments and lets you optimize performance or cost

  2. Strong Scope of Co-Innovation
    • Benefit from consistent cloud and technology innovation due to a strong alliance between Google Cloud and SAP
    • Utilize latest advancements in the areas of:
      • SAP integrations
      • Modernization
      • Analytics
      • Application modernization extensibility
    • Leverage tight collaboration and commitment to innovation giving out a considerable reduction in staff time

  3. Proven Technology Platform
    • Google’s strong analytics platform has emerged as a world leader in data and analytics
    • Google Cloud has taken the company’s best-in-class –
      • Analytics
      • Machine Learning
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Big Data Capabilities
      • Infrastructure Innovation
    • All above factors are associated with the analytics platform and brought to SAP workloads

  4. Customer-Centric Approach
    • Google Cloud operates with a customer-first model and is highly committed to customer success
    • Strong focus on bringing the right SAP expertise on board to support customers

  5. Secure Global Network
    • Google Cloud supports global VPCs allowing customers to communicate with internal addresses
    • Automatically encrypt data at rest and in transit without any additional effort
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VC ERP Consulting Services for SAP on GCP

Reinvent your business processes with SAP ERP Solutions on Google Cloud. SAP on GCP is designed to meet specific business challenges and advancements in the cloud game when VC ERP Consulting brings together its SAP competency and managed GCP prowess.

Below are the VC ERP Consulting services for SAP on GCP:
  • SAP Business One on Google Cloud
  • SAP Business ByDesign on Google Cloud
  • SAP S/4HANA on Google Cloud
  • Migration from On-Premise Landscape to Google Cloud Platform
  • End-to-End Managed Services
Leverage the power of cutting-edge GCP cloud innovation to overhaul your enterprise SAP journey. Embrace uninterrupted resilience, advanced security and ultra-agile productivity at optimized costs.

Choose SAP on GCP For Your Enterprise Future Needs Today!

Your pursuit of the perfect platform to host mission critical SAP workloads is now over. Enterprises around the globe with heterogeneous data on SAP workloads have experienced the benefits of Google Cloud in terms of higher availability, agility and native intelligence.

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