“The cloud migration services market is expected to grow by USD 7.1 billion during 2020-2024.” – Technavio Research
The COVID-19 Pandemic has accelerated cloud migrations and created a new urgency to move to the cloud. Businesses have already seen the value of the cloud since 2016. The average cloud budget has spiked by nearly 36%. 73% of organizations have at least one new application in the cloud.

The business world operating ERP software is no different. Industry leaders are already developing a focused strategy to migrate SAP Applications to the cloud. According to industry research by Accenture Consulting, Businesses started with 20% in the cloud and are on the way to migrate a significant 80% to the cloud in the next 3 years.

In fact, the move to the Cloud remains certain, but the choice of whether to opt for a private, public or a hybrid cloud landscape is what matters.

There are several cloud computing services providers and hyperscalers in the market today; however, Microsoft Azure is the preferred choice for those businesses who are planning on operating SAP workloads on the cloud at high velocity.

In this article, experts at VC ERP Consulting guide businesses to reduce the complexity and minimize the costs of moving from on-premise SAP Business One & SAP S/4HANA to the cloud with Microsoft Azure for a profitable & resilient business.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Optimize significant business costs & create new possibilities of innovation Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service operated by Microsoft for application management via Microsoft-managed data centers.

Developers & IT Professionals can effectively build, deploy & manage applications through Microsoft’s global network of data centers that support the growing collection of integrated cloud services which is MS Azure.

Microsoft and SAP have a long standing partnership which ensures that your MS Azure infrastructure to host your
  • SAP Solutions
  • Connected Solutions
  • Integrations
Optimized for SAP workloads and certified for SAP.

What are Workloads in MS Azure?

A workload is a collection of IT assets
  • Servers
  • VMs
  • Applications
  • Data
  • Appliances & more
that collectively support a defined process in the context of cloud computing.

In fact, workloads can support more than one process.

In the context of SAP Solutions, when we discuss workload management we are really talking about stressing the system in terms of its resource utilization.

When hosting an SAP Solution on MS Azure, at VC ERP the most resources we look at are CPU, memory, disk I/O and network.

The following figure shows different types of workload such as Extract Transform and Load operations (used in data warehouses to load new data in batches from source system) as well as analytic and transactional operations:

Workloads in MS Azure

In the context of using an SAP Solution powered by SAP HANA Database, disk I/O comes into play for logging, for example, in an OLTP scenario many small transactions result in a high level of logging compared to analytic workloads (although SAP HANA tries to minimize this).

As an award-winning SAP Gold Partner and a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we bring you the best of both worlds in your SAP Solutions implementation and deployment.

Leverage the Power of Microsoft Azure On SAP with Confidence

Get the scalability, flexibility & cost savings by hosting SAP on MS Azure with VC ERP ConsultingRun your mission-critical SAP workloads and scenarios on a scalable, compliant and enterprise-proven platform with SAP on MS Azure. At VC ERP Consulting, as MS Azure certified cloud solution providers, we assist you to manage the largest SAP HANA or MS SQL workloads with the largest certified public cloud for SAP.Now, handle transactions and analytics in-memory on a single data copy to
  • Accelerate Business Processes
  • Gain Business Intelligence
  • Simplify your IT environment
As a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, VC ERP Consulting specializes in offering end-to-end managed services of Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions hosting for SAP. In addition, being an award-winning SAP Gold Partner, you get to leverage the best industry implementation of your SAP ERP Solutions, Business Intelligence Solutions, RPA Solutions & other Connected Solutions and integrations.

SAP Business One on MS Azure

Gain increased control over your SMB Business with SAP Business One on MS Azure.
  • Streamline key processes
  • Gain greater insight into your business
  • Make decisions based on real-time information.

SAP S/4HANA on MS Azure

Bring out the best of your mid-market or lage enterprise using SAP S/4HANA Digital Core with Microsoft Azure
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Get access to game-changing innovation
  • Faster time to delivery

Migrate Your On-Premise SAP Applications With Lift & Shift to MS Azure

Experience the speed & agility by migrating from a SAP Business Suite running on-premises to SAP S/4HANA in the cloud. This scenario is a two-step process.

The first step being migration from enterprise resource planning (ERP) on-premises from SAP ECC, SAP ECC on SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA on-premise to the Suite on SAP HANA in MS Azure and then converting from Suite on SAP HANA to SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Moving on-premise data & applications from an on-premises location to MS Azure-based virtual machines in the cloud is known as Lift-and-shift.

Lift-and-shift cloud

Why Does Your Business Need SAP On Azure

SAP on Microsoft Azure brings out the best of SAP & is Used by 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies Reduce the complexity of moving from on-premises to cloud with the combined power of SAP & Microsoft Azure. It is a compelling SAP-certified public cloud infrastructure that handles the largest SAP HANA & MS SQL workloads.

Below are the reasons why your growing business needs SAP on Azure
  • Perform Real-Time Complex Calculations and Scale Up Your Business
  • Perform Multi-dimensional Analysis using Business Data for creating Applications that make Traditional Databases High Performance
  • Enable Scalability in the Long Run by Increasing the Natural Growth of Structured Data
  • Speed Up the Performance and Response-Time by Ensuring
    • Memory Space
    • Disk Space
    • Average Load
    • CPU Space and much more
  • Increase Business Performance by Storing Hybrid Applications & Reduce Data Center Footprints

VC ERP Consulting Action Plan for Kick-Starting Your SAP On MS Azure Journey

Run your mission-critical SAP workloads & scenarios on a scalable, compliant & enterprise-proven platform with VC ERP Consulting VC ERP Consulting has exclusive partnerships with Microsoft and SAP. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and SAP Gold Partner standing to support you to run SAP applications across development, test and production scenarios in MS Azure.

VC ERP Differentiators for Running SAP On Azure

  • Optimize cost efficiencies
  • The Agility to Prepare for the Future
  • Scale while Reducing Risk
  • Gain Valuable Business Intelligence
MS Azure Journey

Our expert team of developers and consultants at VC ERP Consulting reviews the deployment checklist to make sure that many of the checks are completed at the beginning of the project and during the planning phase.

We review the checklist periodically to ensure that you are updated with the latest features in the MS Azure platform.

The Time to Put Strategies Into Motion is Now!

Modernize your ERP landscape and start planning immediately to understand how SAP impacts your business’s ERP investments. A good first step is to understand your readiness for adoption.

Answering this key question “Are you ready or not?” will help uncover the next steps to full business transformation with a mature SAP ERP solution deployed on the Azure cloud.

Are you ready to take full advantage of SAP? If so, then your organization should implement SAP on Microsoft Azure with the best SAP Implementation partner, VC ERP Consulting.

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