Uttar Pradesh has found place among top five states of the country for providing employment under the Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) during the Corona pandemic. Implementing SAP Business One ERP Software UP has made a major difference in the development of SME businesses in UP.

Uttar Pradesh and its cities like Kanpur, Lucknow, Meerut and Muzaffarnagar have a whopping 90-lakh MSME base – the highest in the country. These 90 lakh MSMEs make up for the state’s 14% share in India’s total MSME count of 6.33 crore, as per data from the MSME Ministry’s annual report of 2020-21.

In 2020, the state govt. rolled out New Electronics Manufacturing Policy, 2020 and Uttar Pradesh Startup  Policy, 2020, to promote the local manufacturing and new startups in the state.

As and when your Manufacturing business starts growing, business leaders start looking for ways to –
  • Streamline Business Operations
  • Boost Productivity
  • Optimize Costs
SAP Business One ERP Software UP has emerged as the top choice to transform your manufacturing business from inside out offering –
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Managed Business Costs
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction

Implement SAP Business one to streamline manufacturing business processes with the best SAP Business One Partner UP, VC ERP Consulting.

In this article, experts at VC ERP Consulting share their insights regarding Top 10 things to consider before buying Manufacturing ERP Software in UP.

Top 10 Things to Consider Before Buying Manufacturing ERP Software in UP

Manufacturing industry has proven to be the most dynamic and competitive industry. This industry requires software that keep operational efficiencies high, optimizes costs and improves customer satisfaction.

SAP Business One ERP Software UP has extraordinary capabilities to:
  • Automate core business processes
  • Optimizes overall operational costs
  • Streamline and simplify data exchange.
  • Centralize all the business departments
  • Offer all the departments with around-the-clock access
  • Enjoy more accurate and real-time updates
  • Achieve quicker communication times
  • Make informed & critical business decisions

Now that we’ve covered why manufacturers need SAP Business One, let’s dive into another part of the process: How can you make sure you’re choosing the right solution? Are there certain aspects you should prioritize over others?

It’s no secret that the market is flooded with different vendors, programs and specializations when it comes to ERP Solution.

Before you take the first step towards implementing ERP Software UP, let’s take a look at top 10 manufacturing ERP must-haves.

The Right Manufacturing ERP Software will:

1.  Identify Problem Areas with SAP Business One

  • Identify and resolve manufacturing issues with a single data repository
  • Track the history of various inventory items thoroughly
  • Capture the precise error touchpoints by linking product specification data, QA records and testing results
  • Adapt proactive approach rather than a reactive one at the time of making critical business decisions with real-time and accurate insights
  • Let your team focus on critical functions rather than spending time on assisting corrective efforts

2. Optimize Inventory Costs

  • Save on carrying inventory beyond your current needs by streamlining inventory management processes with SAP Business One
  • Get a clear picture of projected inventory and actual inventory levels lying in different warehouses
  • Gain real-time insights with relevance reports about your inventory carrying requirements and management of appropriate inventory levels

3.  Keep up with Current and Future Business Needs

  • Manufacturing businesses need a large, robust and scalable ERP Software like SAP Business One
  • Grow seamlessly and meet your evolving transactional volume without the need to invest in additional resources to support your infrastructure
  • Transform your manufacturing business by leveraging critical business information to drive profitable growth

4.  Establish Single Version of Truth across your Business

  • Establish & communicate your KPIs with all the departments across your company
  • Define clear objectives and goals with a single version of numbers
  • Align all the departments and work towards same goals by sharing critical data metrics
  • Refer to enterprise-wide cross functional KPIs to understand business objectives
  • Access mission-critical reports like product profitability analysis to understand goals

5.  Offer Data Flexibility & Accessibility

  • Quickly extract and locate real-time data and make all the difference with an intelligent decision-making approach
  • Rich reporting capabilities with customizations for your manufacturing business needs
  • Forecast and calculate re order levels as necessary to ensure your inventory levels never dip with a degree of self governance
  • Get access to different forms of intelligence quickly across your organization
  • Replace the need for manual legacy systems that are cumbersome to maintain with automation
  • Answer any question quickly and confidently with SAP Business One

6.  Standardize Business Processes

  • Streamline business processes and get a complete 360° view of your business
  • Eliminate redundant tasks and align efforts for the greater good of the business
  • Facilitate better teamwork and clea channels of communication
  • Engage with users and take process-based approach rather than spending your time fine-tuning the system

7.  Keep Track of Supplier Scorecards

  • Eliminate undeniably cumbersome tasks of managing supplier scorecards with SAP Business One Manufacturing ERP Software UP
  • Integrate supplier scorecards in your SAP B1 Solution & easily report on key metrics such as number of issues encountered a given month
  • Automatically add points to each scorecard or remove them based on supplier performance

8.  Adjust Your Production Schedules

  • Run inquiries, check stock status and fulfill the demand of products quickly
  • Instantly check open purchase orders and deliver informed responses
  • Respond quickly and affirmatively to new products request without hours of re-working your current setup

9.  Automatically Update Order Receiving & Entry

  • Get real-time updates about new orders with complete visibility
  • Exponentially improve your order entry times
  • Auto-fill the necessary parts required to build new order & expedite the order timeframe that took weeks to catalyze

10. Ensure Regulatory Compliance

  • Prove compliance and regulations at every turn by bringing files online, eliminating unreliable and inaccurate intranet-based filing system or paper chain
  • Create and maintain real-time records that prove compliance at every step including those taken in response to company-based Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Keep your teams on track & safeguard your company in the event of an audit
SAP Business One ERP Solution UP offers real-time insights to manage your manufacturing business processes and drive towards profitability & resilience. This comprehensive business management solution also offers integrated solutions for –
  • Supply chain management
  • Shipping logistics
  • Advanced manufacturing capabilities & much more

making your end-to-end business operations simpler & faster than you imagined.

VC ERP Consulting is the best SAP Business One ERP Software Partner UP implementing SAP Business One across industries and domains since the last 21 years.

How Does VC ERP Consulting Improve Your Manufacturing Business Processes?

At VC   Consulting, Best SAP Business One ERP Software Partner UP, we understand what it takes to create an Industry-Specific comprehensive single-point solution that supports all your unique needs.

Not only do we have SAP supported Add-Ons for SAP Business One but we also have dedicated industry development experts in-house who can create add-ons based on your specific needs.

VC ERP serves a variety of ready-to-integrate Add-Ons for SAP Business One that serve the specific needs of the Industry and are available for purchase.

  • Streamline Manufacturing Processes with XTREME Manufacturing Add-On
  • Establish Quality Controls with Xtreme Quality Control SAP B1 Add-On
  • Automate the process of Batch Numbers with Xtreme Auto Batch Manage SAP B1 Add-On
  • Manage all BOMs with Xtreme C-BOM SAP B1 Add-On
  • Keep track of real-time inventory for job work with Xtreme Job Work SAP B1 Add-On
  • Manage machine maintenance schedules with Xtreme Plant Maintenance SAP B1 Add-On
  • Send customized alerts with Xtreme Smart Alerts SAP B1 Add-On
  • Streamline your Export Import operations with Xtreme EXIM SAP B1 Add-On
  • Generate E-Invoice right from SAP B1 with GST E-Invoicing SAP B1 Add-On
  • Generate E-Way Bills right from SAP B1 with GST E-Way Bill SAP B1 Add-On
  • Digitize manual signatures with Digital Signature SAP B1 Add-On
  • Simplify HR processes with Xtreme Payroll SAP B1 Add-On

Make your Manufacturing Business in UP Resilient today with SAP Business One!

In this fast-paced and constantly evolving manufacturing industry, SAP Business One is the top choice to improve visibility, enable accessibility and empower your workforce.

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