The Andaman & Nicobar Islands enjoy the status of an archipelago comprising 550 islands. It has a vast potential for fisheries development in view of its Coastal length of about 1,962 km. However, this is magnified by the numerous bays, creeks and lagoons and the vast productive oceanic waters of the Bay of Bengal with considerable fishery resources.

For augmentation of Fish production and to harvest the untapped fishery resources without affecting the fragile ecosystem, the Department of Fisheries, A & N Administration is implementing various schemes/programmes.

Just like any other industry, managing the Seafood & Fisheries Industry requires to –
  • Optimize business costs
  • Maximize profit margins
  • Meet timely deliveries
  • Ensure inventory perishability
  • Streamline operations to run more efficiently
Needless to say, the seafood & fisheries manufacturers require a business management solution that can guide them to swim in safe waters; i.e. a dedicated SAP ERP Solution for the seafood & fisheries industry that addresses the challenges & helps run their business smoothly.

SAP Business One ERP Solution is designed in accordance with changing needs of this industry and is fully competent to address the seafood manufacturers’ most specific needs.

In this article, SAP Business One experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in Andaman & Nicobar Island, talk about the top 4 features of SAP Business One for Seafood & fisheries industry.

Let us first have a look at the challenges faced by the seafood & fisheries industry.

Challenges Faced By Seafood & Fisheries Industry

Seafood & fisheries manufacturing industry faces several challenges ranging from compliance, traceability, perishability, catch weight, storage conditions, lot and portion control, commodity pricing, daily prognosis, slicing efficiency, food quality and safety and more.

This industry is facing a lot of challenges right from the beginning till the sales. Demand for seafood has increased worldwide, putting the pressure of competition on the industrialists.

Dealing with fresh or frozen, wild or farm-raised sea creatures is a cumbersome task. The pricing, storage conditions, waste administration, sales and order management, shipping and production regulations are just a few of them.

Here are the common burning challenges faced by Seafood & Fisheries Industry –
  • End-to-End Traceability from Catch to Delivery of goods to customers
  • Difficulties in Catch Management and Vessel Tracking
  • Weight Management Species and Sizes
  • Issues in Costing of Products
  • Ensuring Correct Recipes
  • Shelf Life and Expiry Management

Top 4 Features of SAP Business One ERP Software Andaman & Nicobar for Fisheries Industry

SAP Business One ERP Software Andaman & Nicobar is designed to offer complete control & visibility for your fisheries business operations.

This affordable business management solution helps businesses to manage the complexity of inventory, sales, purchase, formula, quality assurance, costing and compliance while meeting their deliveries exactly on-time.

Above all, this fisheries SAP ERP solution offers complete accountability and tracking of by-products and waste that can be used in producing other high-revenue generating products.

Here are the top 4 features of SAP Business One for Fisheries Industry –
  1. Establish Total Visibility of Supply Chain

    • Get a complete bi-directional view of your supply chain by logging critical data right away
    • Eliminate the chances of human errors by automating business processes

  2. Complete Inventory Traceability

    • Precise inventory management with support for various units of measures (UoM)
    • Complete accountability and tracking of by-products
    • Tracking, costing and safe disposal of waste

  3. Manage Catch Weights

    • Supports dual units of measure for storing, issuing, shipping and costing with catch weight
    • Sync your label equipments to apply labels and automatically calculate prices

  4. Ensure Superior Quality and Compliance

    • Incorporate automatic quality and compliance checks and maintain excellent product quality
    • Maximize production uptime by scheduling regular machine maintenance

    Implement SAP Business One with the best SAP Gold Partner in Andaman & Nicobar, VC ERP Consulting to transform your seafood & fisheries business processes.

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    The seafood & fisheries industry has to face multiple challenges to provide high-quality and safe products to its customers. Several fishery SME businesses in Andaman & Nicobar are adopting SAP Business One ERP Solution Andaman & Nicobar due to evolving customer needs and rising challenges.

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