Sericulture, the process of cultivating silkworms and extracting silk from them, in India has existed since time immemorial. India is the second largest producer of silk in the world and has 15.49 per cent share in global raw silk production.

Mizoram is one of the most promising states for developing sericulture in Northeast India where all the four varieties of silk producing food plants are grown and silkworms are reared for silk production.

At the tremendous rate, the silk industry is growing both globally and in India, silk apparel manufacturers not just in Mizoram but everywhere are on their toes due to volatile markets and evolving customer trends. This industry faces a lots of challenges in terms of –
  • Competition from artificial silk
  • Import of better quality and cheap raw silk from China
  • No systematic testing and grading of silk
  • Lack modern power looms for increasing production
Silk Producers, distributors as well as retailers need to boost their productivity and meet the changing market trends. Only then will they be able to tackle the challenges well and keep pace with the industry growth.

In such evolving times, SAP Business One ERP Software Mizoram helps silk industry leaders tackle the challenges and make it a sure-shot success.

In this article, SAP Business One experts at VC ERP Consulting. the best SAP Gold Partner in Mizoram, showcase the top 5 benefits of implementing SAP Business One for your silk industry.

Why is SAP Business One ERP Software Mizoram the Ideal Choice for your Silk Industry?

SAP Business One ERP Software Mizoram is a complete business management solution that is designed to support different business needs of textile manufacturers such as –
  • Streamlining Manufacturing Processes
  • Managing Formula Recipes
  • Provide ease of New Product Development
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • Increase Margins & Profitability by effective costing module
  • Empowering real-time information for pro-active decision making
This SAP ERP Solution for the silk industry has built-in best practices and comprehensive functionalities and manages your business smoothly.

Top 5 Benefits of SAP Business One ERP Software For Commercial Silk Manufacturing Industry

Volatile market trends also give rise to burning challenges for manufacturers, distributors as well as retailers in the textile industry. This affordable SAP ERP Solution has proven to be a powerful driver of increased revenue streams.

Below are the top 5 benefits of SAP Business One ERP Software Mizoram for Silk Industry in Mizoram, Aizawl, Manipur, Imphal or anywhere else in the world –

Manage Critical Business Data in a single Database

  • Maintain crucial business information in a single database leading to accurate data across all channels & departments
  • Consolidate orders, get real-time inventory updates, track order and measure production levels with a single click of the button
  • Enjoy complete business visibility and control over your business processes with comprehensive functionalities
  • Get easy access to critical information, market insights and ensure efficient workflows throughout your business

Stay Competitive with Total Control over your Business Operations

  • Sync all the business processes and resolve bottlenecks in real time without any hitches
  • Save a lot of time by automating tasks and boost the productivity of every department
  • Eliminate delays, reworks and production halts

Streamline Men, Machines and Operations in an Effective Manner

  • Schedule your shop floor processes according to the capacity of your machines
  • Connect your shop floor to your top floor management and get real-time updates on employee productivity thereby facilitating sound decision making
  • Plan your production timelines as per machine availability and reduce downtime ensuring maximum output

Get Total Visibility of inventory across Warehouses

  • Handle sudden changes in throughput and operate in optimum efficiency
  • Achieve optimum inventory levels and cut down on waste and surplus
  • Improve overall manufacturing efficiencies, processes, overall quality and productivity with real-time updates on inventory levels

Ensure Uninterrupted Workflows with Pre-defined Protocols

  • Optimize and standardize business processes by encouraging the adoption of best practices
  • Make manufacturing processes less complex and helps silk businesses save time leading to better performance
Implement SAP Business One for your Silk business with VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Gold Partner in Mizoram for end-to-end Digital Transformation with Profitability and Affordability.

Streamline Your Silk Business Processes with VC ERP Consulting!

SAP Business One brings in flexibility and agility in your silk production business. It is designed to scale as per your unique business needs and boosts employee productivity. Pave the path towards a resilient business by collectively contributing towards significant RPI generation.

Implement SAP Business One with the best SAP Gold Partner in Mizoram, VC ERP Consulting and handle product design, sourcing, demand management, supply-chain planning, production & inventory management and multichannel distribution with ease.

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