Naivasha is Kenya’s powerhouse beverage manufacturing market. Beverage manufacturing companies in Naivasha are Kenya’s leading branded beverage businesses with an outstanding collection of many brands that range from beer, spirits and adult non-alcoholic drinks (ANADs) to soft drinks and water.

With increased growth, businesses often find an increase in costs and expenditure. Some of those factors adding to costs include changing consumer tastes and supply chain traceability and disruptions. In addition, consumers are becoming more health-conscious and determined by nutritional value, packaging, and longevity.

As a result, this industry is facing major challenges in terms of demand for diversity and innovation, depleting profit margins, product traceability, quality control & standardization and increasing government regulations.

In order to stay updated with leading technological advancements and deliver improvements in operational efficiencies, Beverage Manufacturers are implementing SAP Business One ERP Software Naivasha.

SAP Business One Naivasha is the leading choice for small and medium beverage businesses for resolving challenges related to inventory and supply management, quality control, process automation, ingredient tracking and batch control and traceability for regulatory compliance.

In this article, SAP Business One experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Partner in Naivasha give top 5 reasons to consider SAP Business One for your growing beverage manufacturing business in Naivasha or anywhere else in the world.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider SAP Business One ERP Software Naivasha as the Driver of Business Growth

SAP Business One for Beverage manufacturing industry is helping businesses to achieve total operational visibility and control over their business processes.

Focus on increased consumer awareness over food safety, following stringent government regulations or supporting specialized manufacturing processes.

This comprehensive and affordable business management solution covers all the aspects of your SME business. It supports a lean and resilient business that will stay agile and flexible in the fast changing food and beverage sector.

Here are the top 5 reasons to consider SAP Business One as a driver for your business growth: 

Adhere to Legal Regulations with Real-time Accounting

  • Create robust accounting processes and while adhering to the legal regulations in over 44 localizations
  • Manage multi-currency requirements, multiple company entities, legal regulations and chart of accounts
  • Achieve strong internal controls with complete traceability for all transactions and activities
  • Enable different levels of user licenses and the ability to set authorizations and permissions down to the most granular level

2.  Streamline Inventory Management Processes

  • Automate warehouse processes using bar code scanning for shipping and receiving
  • Achieve the ability to –
    • Manage multiple warehouses
    • Set up bin locations
    • Track serialization
    • Run virtual warehouses
    • Track multiple units of measure for purchasing and selling
  • Dramatically enhance your warehouse picking and packing efficiencies
  • Optimize inventory costs with accurate planning
  • Increase inventory turnover and reduce stock-outs
  • Improve delivery performance with shorter lead times & increased sales

3.  Achieve Total Visibility & Control

  • Enable total visibility & control over your business processes –
    • Accounting and Finance
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Purchasing & Inventory
    • Production
    • Service Management
    • Overall operations management
    • Administration
  • Get a comprehensive view of customer service and robust reporting capabilities making it easier for users
  • Improve operational efficiencies and make quicker, more informed business decisions

4.  Strengthen Sales & Customer Service Management

  • Track opportunities and activities from the first contact to deal closing
  • Convert more prospects, keep customers satisfied and maximize revenue
  • Create, manage, and analyze marketing activities
  • Store all critical customer data in one place, synchronize and manage customer contacts
  • Manage warranty and service contracts efficiently
  • Enter and respond to service calls quickly.
  • Create detailed reports on all aspects of the sales process using time saving templates

5.  Get Access to Critical Business Data even on-the-go

  • Keep up with the mobile needs of your sales team and get immediate access to most relevant information right on time
  • Simplify your sales activities by getting instant alerts
  • Organize your business activities better
  • Visualize real-time information about your business, & share it across instantly
  • Build & Manage successful partnerships across locations
  • Monitor inventory and product data to boost sales team performance
Additionally, SAP Business One helps beverage manufacturers track customer interactions, order history and current promotions offering businesses with optimization and automation.

Streamline Your Beverage Business with SAP Business One Today!

Implement SAP Business One with VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Business One Partner in Naivasha for your beverage manufacturing business to achieve –
  • Complete automation of business processes
  • Improved business bottom-line
  • End-to-end visibility in your supply chain using real-time business insights
  • Total visibility and control over your business operations
VC ERP Consulting is the leading SAP Business One Partner in Naivasha, Kenya with 21+ years of experience in SAP ERP implementation and services.

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