“In the end you should only measure and look at the numbers that drive action, meaning that the data tell you what you should do next.” – Alex Peiniger, CEO-Quintly

Business intelligence helps your business convert unstructured and fragmented business data into meaningful information. This meaningful information helps you make informed business decisions. To put it simply, Business intelligence solutions retrieve, analyze and transform your critical business data into meaningful and actionable insights.

After the pandemic, businesses all over the world are experiencing huge disturbances in the way they carried out their business earlier. In these uncertain times, business leaders have realized the importance of:
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Integration
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
But why the sudden increase in demand for BI solutions, you ask? The answer is simple. Your business data tells a story that is sometimes obvious but often overlooked. It tells you precisely where you are going wrong so you know just what to fix.

The power Business Intelligence solutions offer to Directors and Managers is strategic orientation in the correct direction rather than a ‘trial and error’ or ‘hunch’ driven approach. It increases the probability of success.

Now, you actually have the power to make 2022 the year when your business achieves its true potential. You can keep up with the changing market conditions. Rely on your past/historical business data using powerful business intelligence tools to take you where you want to be.

In this article, we share with you the top 6 business intelligence solutions for your SAP ERP Solutions in 2022. Whether you’re using SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign or SAP S/4HANA, these tools will take your intelligence and analytics game to the ‘Next Level.’

1. Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is an affordable business analytics and intelligence solution which gives interactive insights using live dashboards and rich reports. In addition, it comes equipped with the capability of letting you accessing data on-the-move from your mobile devices.

At its essence, Power BI  is a collection of software services, apps and connectors that work together to turn unrelated sources of data into visually appealing. Since it is appealing, it becomes much easier to process such information and easier to understand insights.

This data could be an Excel Spreadsheet, or a collection of cloud-based or on-premises or perhaps, a hybrid data warehouse of your existing SAP ERP solution. In any scenario, Microsoft Power BI lets you easily connect to your data sources, visualize and discover what’s important and share that with anyone or everyone you want.

Suitable for:
  • SAP Business One
  • SAP Business ByDesign

2. SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP Analytics Cloud solution helps modern businesses transform into an Intelligent Enterprise using a Single Solution. In fact, SAC combines a host of features within a single, comprehensive cloud environment:
  • Business Intelligence
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Augmented Analytics
  • Collaborative Enterprise Planning & more.
Discover, Analyze, Predict, Plan and Report – whether in a
  • Client meeting
  • Working at the office or
  • In the boardroom.
Make complete and contextual decisions relying on the latest data. Using data, semantics and business logic together you arrive at contextual, relevant and actionable insights.

Suitable for:
  • SAP Business ByDesign

3. SAP BOBJ Suite

SAP® BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence Suite (SAP BOBJ) delivers mission-critical on-premise enterprise reporting while working alongside augmented Business Intelligence. Access critical business information in simple, user-friendly applications and reduce IT dependency.

Suitable for:

4. Excel Interactive Reports

Excel Interactive reports provide a report designer and predefined reports, which allows you to create reports in an intuitive way. What’s more exciting is that you can do this by leveraging the SAP in-memory computing technology, SAP HANA, providing incredibly fast real-time computing for your reports. This gives you instant access to your data.

Suitable for:
  • SAP Business One
  • SAP Business ByDesign

5. Qlikview

Qlikview Business Discovery Platform helps you rapidly develop and deliver interactive guided analytics applications and dashboards. Its core and patented technology, Qlik®’s Associative Model is a powerful, in-memory data engine that enables users to rapidly explore relationships in various sources of data, without having to write queries.

Essentially, this means users can explore the associations between different variables in their analytics through questioning. It is a step-by-step process which allows Directors and C-Suite to explore and arrive at insights intuitively and back the outcome with data.

Suitable for:
  • SAP Business One
  • SAP Business ByDesign

6. Tableau

Tableau is one of the most widely used data visualization tools in the Business Intelligence domain. You can create custom dashboards that display KPIs relevant to your business. Similarly, connect and extract data from multiple business functions and pull data from various platforms without any hassles. The best part about Tableau is that even non-technical users can operate it with great ease.

You may still feel why your business actually needs the support a great BI solution offers. Let’s quickly get to know how important BI solution is to make a business thriving success.

Suitable for:
  • SAP Business One
  • SAP Business ByDesign

Why does your Business need BI Solutions?

BI solutions let you harness your business data and streamline your business operations. The daily data you generate from running your business operations get consolidated and then tell a story. BI solutions connect these different dots in the larger ‘Business Operations’ puzzle.

Such insights give you an accurate picture of what is happening in your business. Eventually, these insights become critical to make effective decisions that make a successful Business Leader.

You too can now maximize business profitability by implementing an efficient BI Solution. This is what makes BI solution a great asset to implement:
  • Scalable solutions with access to real-time insights
  • Role-based interactive dashboards that deliver information to decision makers on-the-go
  • Analyze large sets of data to discover in-depth business information
  • Assess business risks, improve business efficiency and identify emerging opportunities
  • Keep log of competitor’s activities and study patterns to beat them at their game
  • Manifest a robust Enterprise Reporting System guiding your overall business strategy

Eliminate fragmented reporting mechanism & surpass your performance benchmarks

Create advanced reports from multiple data sources quickly. Get a connected experience across all the data touch-points used for analysis. Moreover, acquire a consolidated overview of the data in different databases. These databases can be deployed virtually on any database your choice. Your implementation partner will guide you the best way forward.

Now that you have the knowledge on the best business intelligence solutions for your ERP in 2022, don’t wait. Seize market opportunities and make quick changes to match the volatile economy.

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