Digital transformation is being adopted by entrepreneurs to transform their businesses into scalable, automated and innovative data driven enterprises.

Businesses that adopt a ‘cloud first’ policy hold the power to transform their business processes by implementing SAP ERP Solutions like SAP Business One or SAP S/4HANA on Cloud Hosting Platform Providers, popularly known as Hyperscalers, to achieve greater speed, efficiency and agility.

Hyperscalers are public cloud service providers such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), Azure (Microsoft),  Alibaba Cloud (Alibaba Cloud Computing) and more.

SAP Business One, designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, is a complete business management solution that can be hosted on-premise or on the cloud using Hyperscaler services.

Run your business-critical SAP Business One workloads on the cloud cost effectively by leveraging the ease of provisioning, high scalability and redundant infrastructure capabilities of GCP.

In this article, cloud experts at VC ERP Consulting showcase the top 7 benefits of deploying SAP Business One on GCP for cost optimization, security, flexibility and scalability.

What are the Benefits of SAP Business One on GCP?

SAP Business One on GCP implemented by one of the best SAP Gold Partners in India, VC ERP Consulting guides you to hire, configure, deploy and control your Google Cloud infrastructure and services with a self-service model.

Here are top 7 benefits of deploying SAP Business One on GCP:

1.  Quick Updates & Upgrades

Upgrade in weeks rather than months with the help of automation tools & templates offering flexible deployment options

2.  Google Private Fiber Network

Google’s private fiber network provides a global, secure and scalable foundation for your SAP deployments and optimizes performance

3.  Built-In Features

Minimize downtime for infrastructure maintenance with in-built features like Compute Engine live migration and automatic restart.

4.  Scope of Innovation

Broad scope of Innovation with the Google Cloud databases, data analytics, smart analytics, AI, Machine Learning and data integration capabilities

5.  Break Data Silos

Get access to new datasets from SAP and Google Cloud as well as Google Search in some cases and break data silos

6.  Immense Scalability

scale your infrastructure to match the variations in your workloads and avoid additional costs with a flexible virtualized architecture

7.  Reduced Downtime

Near-zero downtime virtual machine maintenance with Live Migration Now that we know the benefits of hosting SAP Business One on GCP, Let us dive deeper to understand –
  • SAP Business One on GCP Deployment
  • Security Protocols
  • Server Hosting Options
  • Database Choices
  • Backup & Recovery

SAP Business One Deployment on GCP

Google Cloud Platform uses a self-service model in which VC ERP Consulting configures, deploys and controls your Google Cloud infrastructure and services.

SAP Business One Deployment on GCP


Make the following decisions easily by understanding how security access management works on Google Cloud –
  • How to organize resources on Google Cloud.
  • Which team members can access and work with resources.
  • Exactly which permissions each team member needs to have to conform to the least privileges for resource access
  • Which services and applications need to use which service accounts and what level of permissions need to be granted in case-to-case basis

Database Options

Rely on the secure global infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform (GCP0 to easily run SAP database and mobile solutions in the cloud implemented and managed by VC ERP Consulting.

Microsoft SQL

The installation and configuration of SQL Server on GCP uses the standard SQL Server installation procedures and tools.


Deploy SAP Business One on Google Cloud by deploying SAP HANA on a Compute Engine virtual machine (VM) and then installing SAP Business One.

Disaster Recovery & Backups

Create a highly secure backup and recovery SAP Business One solution by identifying the best disaster recovery strategy, architecture and toolset for your business.

Define your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) to determine factors in the costs to the business while the system is offline and the costs for data loss and re-creation.

Transform Your Business with SAP on GCP Today!

Unlock the myriad of opportunities with this digital transformation – SAP on GCP that minimizes risk and maximizes scope for growth and innovation for data driven enterprises.

Reduce the risks of migrating to the cloud and speed up time to value with SAP on GCP. Along with VC ERP Consulting, our team of seasoned SAP on Google Cloud subject matter experts are ready to guide customers in this transition.

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