Navigating today’s intricate business landscape demands an orchestra of technological prowess. Multiple departments are harnessing the power of hundreds of cloud applications and services on a daily basis. Further it is seamlessly combined with both on-premises and hybrid SAP ERP solutions, reflecting the diverse technological arsenal employed.

Amidst this diversity of tools and the ever-shifting market dynamics, the call for technology solutions that offer heightened flexibility, seamless connectivity, and rapid responsiveness has grown louder.

Businesses now seek solutions that not only ensure their autonomy but also expedite the overall process of digital transformation across the entire organization. One such transformative solution is SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), a catalyst in propelling enterprises toward this new era of agile innovation and self-sufficiency.

Within this informative FAQ blog post, the adept SAP BTP specialists at VC ERP Consulting cast their focus upon the intricacies of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), formerly recognized as SAP Cloud Platform. Encompassing not only its essence and a spectrum of use cases, but also delving into the art of determining its suitability for your distinct needs.

Let the FAQs Begin.

1. What is SAP BTP?

Think of SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) like a busy city market and yourself as a buyer getting ready to buy ingredients for making Pasta. Just like you’d pick and choose different ingredients from different market stalls to cook your special pasta, SAP BTP works in a similar way.

It’s kind of like the different shops in a market, all working together. SAP BTP is not just one thing, but a whole system that has lots of useful parts, sort of like all the different items you find at the market.

On this system, you can choose from a bunch of these useful parts, just like you’d choose ingredients, to build solutions that fit what your business needs – it’s like cooking up something really good that not only makes your work smoother but also makes your business better.

SAP BTP’s story is a bit like a market that changes and grows over time. At first, it was called SAP Cloud Platform when it started in 2013, kind of like when a new market opens up in town.

Then, like a market adding new sections as it gets bigger, SAP Cloud Platform kept adding more things to help businesses. And in January 2021, it changed its name to SAP Business Technology Platform, kind of like a market getting a new name to show that it’s all about modern and dynamic stuff now.

If you read about SAP Cloud Platform somewhere online, don’t be surprised – it’s just the earlier name of this tech-savvy market!

2. Is there a plan for SAP BTP to replace SAP Cloud Platform, and what sets these two solutions apart from each other?

SAP Business Technology Platform takes over from a familiar solution, SAP Cloud Platform. The cloud platform is a central component of SAP BTP and acts as a vital part of a wider set of offerings in SAP’s product lineup.

What used to be comprehensive methods for creating applications, integrating systems, and enhancing capabilities in SAP Cloud Platform are now available as cloud services within SAP BTP, known as SAP Integration Suite and SAP Extension Suite.

3. What is included in SAP BTP?

Imagine SAP Business Technology Platform as a strong and unified base that supports all sorts of applications in the SAP world. It’s like the solid ground that everything stands on. This platform is designed with businesses in mind, bringing together different pieces of technology to work smoothly together.

It’s like building blocks that fit perfectly, whether you’re using your own computers, a mix of things, or things from the internet. This makes things more flexible and organized, so businesses can work better and adapt to changes easily.

The core capabilities of SAP BTP are as follows:

SAP Build

SAP Build serves as SAP’s user-friendly tool for making apps and automating tasks. It works on SAP Business Technology Platform, allowing you to build apps, streamline processes, and design business websites using an easy drag-and-drop approach. With SAP Build you can:
  • Create apps and design how data should be organized, making it work with both SAP and non-SAP tools
  • Automate tasks in areas like finance, HR, and procurement processes
  • Customize business websites visually using SAP Build Work Zone. This includes developing and collaborating on sites, tailoring the user experience, using SAP Mobile Start, and managing content

Data and Analytics

Give your data system a modern makeover using the latest database technology. This technology can manage both regular transactions and in-depth data analysis for different kinds of information, even when dealing with a huge amount of data – think of it as handling a mountain of data! This smart solution also makes sure data is stored in the best way possible.

Imagine having a toolbox that helps you find, collect, and understand data easily. This toolbox also makes sure that the most important information is available for everyone in your company. It’s like having a super organized library!

This system also lets your team see real-time information that’s really helpful for making smart decisions. This is thanks to special technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and smart planning. It’s like having a wise advisor who knows all the facts. All of this is supported by a strong base that keeps everything working smoothly.
  • SAP HANA Cloud
  • SAP Datasphere
  • SAP Master Data Governance
  • SAP Analytics Cloud

Extended Planning and Analytics

Extended planning and analysis (xP&A) is like teamwork for your plans and people. It helps you be ready for anything and do better, even when unexpected things happen. We make xP&A easy by helping your plans work well with SAP apps.
  • Financial Planning – SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Supply Chain Planning – SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain
  • Workforce Planning – SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Sales Planning – SAP Territory and Quota

Artificial Intelligence

You can use smart AI in your main business tasks like – connecting finance, supply chain, procurement, sales and marketing, human resources, and IT.
  • AI in Finance
  • Supply Chain AI
  • SAP AI in Procurement
  • Human Resources AI
  • Sales and Marketing AI
  • IT and Platform AI

4. SAP BTP can operate in which Environment?

SAP Business Technology Platform functions as a cloud-based solution, significantly diminishing the necessity for elaborate enterprise IT infrastructure development. The array of services and solutions furnished by SAP BTP is made available through various providers of cloud infrastructure.

The versatility of SAP BTP enables applications crafted using this platform to be effortlessly deployed across diverse regions, each corresponding to a distinct geographical area. These regions are offered by either SAP itself or in collaboration with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) partners like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud.

The operational responsibility for the infrastructure layer of individual regions lies with partners like VC ERP Consulting whereas SAP assumes the role of maintaining the platform and the Cloud Foundry environment.

5. What are the Benefits of SAP BTP?

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) offers:
  • All-in-one suite for development, analytics and data management
  • Easily scale and adapt to changing business needs
  • Pre-built templates and low-code options for rapid setup
  • Integrated AI, IoT, and analytics for new opportunities
  • Extract valuable insights for informed decisions
  • Tools for effective teamwork across functions
  • Built-in controls for data protection and compliance
  • Centralized management reduces IT complexity
  • Future-ready architecture accommodates emerging trends

6. How can an integrated technology platform address the unique requirements of an organization?

Every organization, no matter its size, industry, or locations, uses various tools and software to operate. As business conditions change and customer expectations shift, there’s a greater need for tailored software or improvements to existing programs.

SAP Business Technology Platform allows businesses to create and adjust solutions on their own, eliminating the need for IT experts. This speeds up project timelines and fosters independence in software development.

Furthermore, using SAP Business Technology Platform gives users access to up-to-date company data, enables seamless integration with SAP software, and simplifies workflow management through SAP Process Automation.

VC ERP Consulting as the Best SAP BTP Implementation Partner

VC ERP Consulting excels as a strategic implementation partner for SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Leveraging our expertise, we ensure seamless adoption of BTP’s unified tools, agility and rapid deployment capabilities.

Our proficiency in integrating AI, IoT and analytics drives innovation while extracting actionable insights. With a focus on collaboration, security, and customization, we empower your business for global expansion and improved customer experiences.

Count on us for cost-efficient solutions, continuous updates, and smooth integration with SAP and third-party tools. Partner with VC ERP Consulting for a future-ready BTP implementation.

Leverage the capabilities of SAP BTP alongside VC ERP Consulting, empowering your business to embrace digital transformation, outpace competitors, and forge a path toward a successful future.

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