After an unprecedented 2022, 2023 is shaping up to witness several food industry trends, from rise of plant-based diets to fermented foods, regional cuisines and increased sustainable initiatives. The food industry in Mombasa is no different.

The Mombasa Food & Beverage Industry always comes up with something new to keep consumers excited. In 2023, as well, we expect nothing less. From meeting consumer demand for convenient but flavorful alcoholic beverages to the need for high-quality animal-free dairy and meat products, the food industry in Mombasa or anywhere else in the world is poised for a busy 2023 punctuated with innovations.

In this blog, SAP Business One experts at VC ERP Consulting cover top trends in the food & beverage industry, from the up and coming technology trends to today’s consumer expectations.

Top Food & Beverage Technology Trends in 2023

1.   Minimizing Food Wastage

In order to optimize business costs and increase profitability, F&B businesses are focusing on minimizing food wastage. By implementing technologies such as ERP Solutions, F&B businesses can improve production efficiency and output, optimize food waste and streamline their business operations.

SAP ERP Solution like SAP Business One ERP Software Mombasa helps businesses to accurately forecast demand and adjust production accordingly, reducing the risk of over or under ordering ingredients. Implementing this comprehensive business management solution can lead to –

  • Improved inventory levels
  • Minimal food waste
  • Optimized operating costs
  • Sustainable & equitable F&B business
  • 2.   Supply Chain Disruptions

    Recent surge in demand for energy, labor and transportation coupled with supply chain disruptions has led to significant pressures on just-in-time ordering and cross-border supply chains. This has resulted in shortages of certain products and higher prices for others, which has affected the food industry as well.

    In order to tighten business operations and cope with supply chain disruptions, F&B business need to –

  • Keep shelves stocked
  • Diversify suppliers
  • Adopt new technologies to optimize supply chains
  • Develop contingency plans for potential disruptions
  • Explore alternative sourcing options to reduce reliance on cross-border supply chains
  • SAP Business One ERP Software Mombasa helps F&B businesses to become agile and adaptable by making supply chains resilient and making necessary adjustments to ensure fulfilling customer demands in a timely and cost-effective manner.

    3.   Wide Use of Automation

    2023 will witness high use of automation in the food & beverage industry to maintain consumer trust and avoid potential labor shortages, disrupted supply chains and ongoing strikes.

    Here are some ways SAP Business One supports your F&B operations: Improve quality control by automating processes and identifying errors and defects quickly Gain a 360 view of your business processes and increase food safety Enhance traceability by automatic scanning capabilities reducing human error

    4.   Evolving Customer Tastes

    Consumer food preferences are changing constantly and meeting customer expectations can be a challenging task for businesses. Consumers are now seeking out products that align with their values and priorities. For example, they may prefer products that are organic, non-GMO, sustainably sourced, or packaged in eco-friendly materials.

    As a business, it’s important to stay informed about these changing consumer preferences and adapt accordingly. SAP Business One helps you to –

  • Manage sustainable production methods
  • Strengthen supplier relationships
  • Provide transparent information about production processes
  • Build a loyal customer base that shares your values and priorities
  • SAP Business One ERP Software Mombasa: Enabler of Digital Transformation for F&B Industry

    Embracing digital transformation and adopting SAP Business One can help to boost your operational efficiency, achieve your business goals and build strong business strategies. Save time and money during new product development and keep up with the latest industry trends. This is because SAP Business One gives you access to advanced analytics and enhanced reporting capabilities.

    Below are the top benefits of SAP Business One for F&B businesses:

  • Get clear visibility into your business operations with clear supply chain of suppliers, distributors and customers
  • Monitor inventory management from the production of items to packaging and delivery
  • Reduce interruptions and machine breakdowns with a better utilization of resources
  • Generate calculated shelf-life expiration dates for products and services
  • Ensure quality protocols by defining the resources and items required to complete tests and checklists
  • Control the entire production, packaging and distribution processes by managing stock efficiently across all the locations
  • Identify trends and make better business decisions with full traceability, serial, batch numbers and expiration dates
  • Define numbering formats and record supplier’s details with Batch & Serial Number functionalities
  • View all your critical business data in a single location that includes details about procurement, accounting & finance, orders and payments with Master Data Management
  • Track forward, backward and on-demand movements of your warehouses across locations
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