SAP Business ByDesign delivers extra-ordinary financial management capabilities to CFOs of small to mid-market companies. This all-in-one suite-in-a-box solution offers increased transparency and improved cash flow capabilities via payment processing and clearing automation.

Experience accelerated period-end closing processes and more efficient management of payables, receivables, inventory and liquidity. CFOs can drive business growth and make sound financial decisions by gaining actionable business insights to increase operational efficiency.

Out-of-the-box Financial Capabilities designed for CFOs

SAP Business ByDesign enables better access to mission-critical business data across business units.This leads to increased productivity by creating a more cohesive and efficient organisation.

SAP Business ByDesign ERP Solution has a powerful digital core which is equipped with the financial management module that includes the following features and benefits:
  • Manage general ledger accounts for multiple operating units
  • Simplify fixed asset and inventory counting with current and accurate valuations
  • Support multiple financial reporting standards
  • Streamline accounting processes with integrated ledgers
  • Provide stakeholders with reports via enhanced reporting tools
  • Better manage cash and liquidity with integrated forecasting tools
  • Create employee policies to monitor expenses and manage reimbursements
  • Obtain real-time insights into account balances via electronic interfaces
  • Valuate payments in multiple foreign currencies
  • Streamline tax reporting with robust reporting capabilities
Not only this, but SAP Business ByDesign inter-connects different departments in a single solution giving a stronger edge to your financial planning and operational expenditure optimization.

Why SAP Business ByDesign Improves Operational Visibility and Growth

In this article, finance consultants and advisors  at VC ERP Consulting talk about how SAP Business ByDesign streamlines your core accounting processes. In addition, it manages your cash and liquidity. Below are the benefits of using SAP Business ByDesign for your business

1.  Real-time financial overviews

  • Customized role-based view of your business
  • Immediate, real-time overview of all the financial aspects
  • Quick links providing easy access to revenue and cost reporting
  • Trigger dunning processes from the dashboard view

2.  Manage your books of account in a single solution

  • View multiple books and charts from general ledger
  • Maintain all journal entries at one place
  • Closing Cockpit allows you to perform step-by-step periodic closures straight from the dashboard

3.  Fast business decisions with real-time business data

  • Real-time financial data without logging into bank accounts
  • Easily navigate to transactional documents like invoices straight from the reports

4.  Workflow rules control permissions and approval processes

  • Role-based authentication and access restrictions
  • Different users can access relevant modules of SAP Business ByDesign
SAP Business ByDesign is a far simpler and more efficient solution compared to other alternative modular ERP solutions.

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