Mombasa County, on the shores of the Indian Ocean along Kenya’s coastline, is a thriving industrial hub with companies such as Bamburi Cement, Oil Refineries, Wood carving, Textile, Food Processing, packaging and import, Fishing, Entertainment & Tourism, Agriculture, Mining and Fibre-Optics.

Much of the country’s manufacturing revolves around food and beverages. Agricultural products such as tea, coffee, fruits, vegetables and fresh flowers make up the majority of Kenya’s exports.

The Food Industry in Mombasa or anywhere else in the world is highly competitive and struggling with low profit margins. Meeting consumer demand can become daunting for food manufacturers especially in light of overseas competition and the rising costs.

Food Processing leaders have too much on their plate to handle and it can become menacing for companies to manage everything effectively, all the while manual processes make everything extra tricky.

That’s where Food ERP and food manufacturing software come to the rescue. SAP Business One ERP Software Mombasa automates various business processes subsequently leading to better profits & resilience.

In this article, SAP Business One experts at VC ERP Consulting, the best SAP Business One Partner Mombasa focus on answering the top 4 questions of food manufacturing business leaders –
  • Why does My Food Processing Business need SAP Business One?
  • What are the key features of SAP Business One for My Industry?
  • What are the benefits of SAP Business One?
  • Why Choose VC ERP Consulting for implementing SAP Business One?
Let the FAQs begin!

Why Does My Food Processing Business Need SAP Business One?

In the beginning when the food processing business is new, handling transactions is easy but as the business grows, data increases and starts piling up, things start becoming tricky. Growing businesses are pivoting towards adopting a systematic approach that boosts operational efficiency.

Below are some of the early indicators that indicate that you need SAP Business One for your Food Processing Business in Mombasa:
  • Difficulty in making critical business decisions due to lack of real-time business insights
  • Silos in inventory and production processes leading to excess yield and waste
  • Mismanagement of shipping and delivery leading to decreasing customer satisfaction
  • Absence of sales forecasting leading to tight working capital
  • Lack of inter-department transparency due to fragmented business processes
If your food processing business is facing any of the critical business challenges as mentioned above, now is the right time to implement SAP Business One ERP Software Mombasa.

Easily scale food batch, reduce wastage by improving shelf life of products, monitor inventory levels and find substitute for ingredients.

What are the Key Features of SAP Business One for My Industry?

SAP Business One ERP Software Mombasa streamlines production, inventory and warehouse management, establishes quality control, planning and scheduling, reporting with customized dashboards. This comprehensive business management solution automates business processes minimizing the scope of human errors.

Here are the features of SAP Business One for Food Processing business in Mombasa:
  • Optimize inventory control with automatic tracking, warehouse and bin management
  • Track product lot numbers and sell-by dates through batch traceability
  • Release automatic inventory updates and mitigate the chances of product recalls
  • Manage separate Recipes and Bills of Materials for different products
  • Avoid shortages or rescheduling by generating required purchase requisitions with accurate planning & scheduling
  • Generate optimal number of batch jobs across various production stages
  • Establish system libraries for –
    • Sample Inspections
    • QC Tests & checklists
    • Special Manufacturing Instructions
  • Customized real time reports offer complete visibility for –
    • Critical Manufacturing Data
    • Inventory Consumption & Balances
    • Actual VS expected Yield & Costs
Food processing businesses deal with perishable products and implementing SAP Business One results in increased cost savings, eliminating the chances of production delays and managing the sales process smoothly and efficiently.

What are the Benefits of SAP Business One?

SAP Business One offers a host of benefits to food and beverage processing businesses. Let’s have a look at those benefits:
  • Move away from process inconsistencies by integrating business processes within one single system
  • Forecast current market trends and manufacture products confidently
  • Adhere to regulatory compliance related to food safety, packaging, taxes, nutrition labeling and environmental protection
  • Optimize business costs by reducing wastage, optimally utilizing resources and managing inventory levels
  • Establish a fully integrated quality control mechanism and keep constant tabs on product standardization
  • Improve inter-department collaboration and optimize the production capacity & cash-flow in real time
  • Achieve bi-directional traceability from raw material to finished product
Implement SAP Business One ERP Software with the best SAP Business One Partner in Mombasa, VC ERP Consulting to reap maximum benefits out of this complete SAP ERP Solution.

Why Choose VC ERP Consulting as Your SAP Business One Implementation Partner?

VC ERP Consulting is the leading SAP Business One Solution Provider in Mombasa, Kenya. We offer end-to-end SAP Solutions & Services for your unique business needs. Our SAP Business One experts answer all your queries and present you with the best value options.

All our SAP Business One implementations meet the perfect balance between industry standardization and business customization. We solely focus on helping our clients grow their business locally, domestically as well as internationally.

Our SAP Business One Services include:
  • SAP Business One Consulting Services
  • Business process Re-engineering
  • System Audit & Process Enhancement Roadmap
  • End-to-End Implementation
  • Migration (SQL to HANA)
  • Annual Maintenance Support
  • Country Roll Outs
  • Upgrades (Patch & Version Updates)
  • Business User Trainings
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