Many popular accounting software have helped small and medium businesses manage their day-to-day transactions, accounting and finance with ease and simplicity. However, once your business starts growing there will be more users accessing your system.

In addition, as data keeps accumulating your regular accounting software fails to keep up, adversely affecting operational efficiency of the business. This is the turning point for every Entrepreneur or CFO to consider a single, connected and comprehensive solution for your growing business.

Sticking to your old and regular accounting system and adding on to other obsolete loosely integrated solutions can become a hassle to operate and manage.

That’s why comprehensive ERP solutions from SAP for SME like SAP Business One work wonders offering the comprehensive solution. This results in a software solution that has all the features of your popular accounting software, but now with additional modules and industry-specific functions.

In this article, we compare popular accounting software with SAP for SME solutions like SAP Business One. Let’s get started.

DifferentiatorsSAP for SME solutionsRegular Accounting Software
High-end data security with SAP Business OneSAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign are equipped with high-security protocols and standard encryption communication channel, complying well with the global regulations as the solutions are safe from external security breaches.Your regular accounting software has limited safety protocols to secure your business data and requires user level control administrator’s intervention frequently owing to user wise tolerance limit.
Smart data validation and substitutions with SAP Business OneMitigate potential errors and facilitate the checking process of entered values automatically as per various combinations configured previously.No checking and no smart data validation and automatic substitution are available in popular accounting software.
Smooth data handling capacity with SAP Business OneManage, filter and process several transactions without any constraints in handling huge transaction database with SAP for SME solutions.Your regular accounting software will stop responding at the time of handling or processing large transaction databases and it would be painful and costly to manage such large data.
Suitability standpoint with SAP Business OneManage your business operating at multi-levels and multi-locations with taxation and best business practice localization using time tested SAP for SME solutions.Your accounting software is only limited to those businesses where data volume is comparatively low with little or no localization support.

What are the advantages of using SAP for SME Solutions over your regular accounting software?

advantages of using SAP for SME

Gain total business visibility by connecting data of all the departments and see clearly how your business is performing at any point in time.

Instead of relying on outdated, questionable reports, now you will have access to accurate, real-time reporting to help make better business decisions with SAP for SME Solutions.

There are many advantages of using comprehensive business solutions like SAP Business One to seamlessly implement internal governance protocols through streamlined business processes for easier internal audits.

Migrate from basic accounting software to a comprehensive enterprise solution. SAP for SME solutions such as SAP Business One. At VC ERP Consulting Pvt. Ltd., we have successfully implemented 300+ SAP Projects since 2001. We are a 200+ Consultants strong team with demonstrated experience across 15+ Industrial Verticals.

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